Crew Messaging and Scheduling App Reviews

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Crew just keeps getting better and better. It has made us so productive and efficient at work. I couldnt imagine going back to SMS.

Invaluable tool for my team!

Im not usually one to review something on the App Store, but Ive got to give credit where credit is due. I manage an Italian restaurant with 45 employees. This app allows me to quickly and effectively communicate with everyone and ensure that they see it. The notes and bulletin boards are a thing of the past. I used to send a group text to all 45 employees with the weekly schedule, but Crew allows me to just drag and drop the images on my computer and it notifies everyone I posted a schedule. Much better process for everyone involved. This app has revolutionized the team communication space. The learning and adoption process was very smooth for my entire team, which pleased me. I had my entire staff on the app within about four days, with no one having any trouble. Also have to hand it to Danny and his team. Theyve built a tremendous product, but the customer support was great as well. Theyve followed up with me a couple time within a week of downloading. No user is too small for them. Five stars was a no brainer. Keep up the good work!

No more dropped shifts

This app help my team and I focus on getting all the task done. I

Very useful

This new update with the more advanced scheduling system is a god send. So much more productive. But I have noticed a bug. When I fill out a shift and it sends the employee a notification for a shift added for them, their shift notification always states that their shift starts an hour early than it actually does. Example, if I schedule someone for 10am to 5pm shift, their notification says their shift is 9am to 5pm. I have had to turn off notifications to stop the confusion of their scheduled times even though on the calendar it has the right shift time displayed. Also, something Ive been getting asked a lot by my employees, it would be amazing to have the scheduling calendar be able to sync with the iOS calendar and possible iCloud so they can get their schedules across multiple devices. Many other scheduling apps include this feature and I think not being able to sync with iOS calendar is a big draw back that would make this app perfect and complete.


Wow! Crew is phenomenal. Im a manager of a large non-profit community for middle and high school students where I have directional oversight of a team of 40+ volunteer staff. Crew is just what weve been looking for - scheduling, tasking, chat... The ONLY THING missing? The ability to schedule events on the calendar. We need a centralized calendar where we can post training sessions, organizational events, etc. THEN, Crew would truly be unmatched.


Great for any school or work setting to keep your group on task and all messages more organized. Make a simple calendar feature as well as document sharing.

Not letting me send private messages or post

I love the idea of the app! But, I added my co workers to the app and nobody is able to post mass text posts to the group or send private messages. Keeping getting a message saying "unknown error occurred". I even closed the app and re opened it. Still getting the same message

Great app but lacks a few things

I would like to be able to change my font size and color.

I Love it! But...

I love this app because it makes it easier for me to communicate with my team. When I create a shift and I add in the 60 minutes for lunch it does not deduct the 60 minutes from their total "paid working hours" so it says they work 9 hours when it should be 8. Other than that problem, I love it!


Awesome reference to the tv series lost in the preview picture I hope he enjoyed his cocktail before you know...


This app is awesome me and my whole work crew are on it and its totally amazing everyone loves it makes group messages and schedules so much easier. Very awesome

Proved somewhat wrong

I was reluctant at first but it beats getting texts and emails all the time.

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