Crew Messaging and Scheduling App Reviews

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Store Manager

This app is great! It works very well to communicate with our 20+ employees. They always have their schedule, too, so no excuses about not knowing when they come in. Excellent!

Easy link to team communication....

Enjoy most of the communication functionality but would love the addition of portrait view available for better posted schedule viewing. Would also be good to have an opportunity to see the full size of documents before posting. Like most managers I have three copies of everything with relatively small changes that cant been seen in file thumbnail. Interested to see future updates.

Great Customization

Thoroughly enjoy using the app with my crew. Easily customizable into different groups, employers, tasks, etc. Found a few bugs at first but the apps team works them out fairly quickly :)

nearly perfect app

great solution to keeping track of all your coworkers. only problem Ive ever had with this app is loading messages out of order some times, but that could be my service provider. would add an option to see coworkers phone number if they have made it available.

Good great

Awesome! Great app to keep your staff updated and on the same page!

Crew app review

The crew app is a great app to have!

General Manager

Easily lets my staff communicate with each other on the fly to get shifts covered as well as posting notifications about weekly workload changes!

Great app

Great tool for small business, it has helped a lot to keep in touch with my staff and the scheduling which was a little chaotic before Crew.


This is a wonderful app! Dont know what we would do without it. The use of this app has helped tremendously by allowing us to share employees schedules as well as help get a shift covered and things of that nature.


This app is awesome as we know its hard at time to get your crew to come in and get their schedule , this makes it really simple no excuses as That they didnt know they worked..

Great tool

Very nice tool for effective communication within a business!! I look forward to seeing more wonderful features soon.

Great App!

I utilize this app to communicate with my team at work! Very useful! It would be even better if they inputted a phonebook option that way it is easier to store and locate phone numbers of coworkers

Great App

Great App puts lots of people together to share information.

Great App But needs work

The app works awesome, but there is a deal breaker. When creating a task and having employees complete a task, it shouldnt disappear when just one person completes it even though the other 10 people didnt complete it technically. Fix this, and wed use it!

Can’t live without it

With Crew, I’ve managed to create a lot more accountability for my team. Employees are expected to get shifts covered if they can’t make it - and Crew gives them a tool to make that possible Crew really takes a lot of the pain out of communicating schedule matters.

Best way to manage my employees

Im not always available in person, so I love the ability to easily communicate with my employees while they are working. I can send them tasks and announcements as I think of them, keep track of whos doing what, and see whos working when- all from the app!


I can see how much I earn now!

Thank you Crew

Ive connected with my family in a special way through this app, though I know this app is for business. Thank you Crew. Anita

Great App

Super easy to use. Simplifies communicating with coworkers!!

Best way to communicate with my team

This app has allowed everyone on my team to stay on the same page. There is no more wasted time on trying to figure out how to contact people and there is no more questioning if someone has seen a message.

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