Crew Messaging and Scheduling App Reviews

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Great for schools!

This app has been critical in helping us communicate as a school this summer. Teachers love it and creating groups is a breeze! Just what we have been missing!

The Best App for Crew

We have been using Crew App for the last six months and it is by far the best communication tool we have for our 24 hour operation. Looking for forward for more great features.


Although the issue of not being able to access some options that were hidden or inaccessible from the top of the page has been fixed, the app in general is a downgrade from the previous versions. You used to be able to add in your schedule for easy viewing. Now you can only add in requests off or shift covers (which sends a message to everyone). It was tolerable before with the glitch but it now is almost useless with the removal of certain key and useful options. Its just a glorified text messaging app now.


Great application. I actually use this platform to manage my clan on a game called Old School RuneScape. It does the job better than other apps such as whatsapp, in terms of organization and functionality, but can sometimes be slow or laggy. I wish it would have more tools for gamers, but if youre getting it for what its advertised for, youll get more than you expect.

Great app

Works like a dream we have over a thousand people using it and they love it thanks guys for Making and outstanding app!

Best for work

The first time Ive heard of Crew app was when I got hired at my job. Its great because you can have an employee group and a manager group. Everyone speaks work related on there and employees dont need to have the managers number. I think its great.

Makes Life So Much Easier

Awesome app that keeps everything work related in one place!

Great App

I use this for my staff of 20+... a great way to communicate to an entire group without repeating and an easy way for me as a manager to approve request off and switching shifts. The staff goes out of their way to help you with any questions. Would love to maybe find some tutorials as I wasnt able to find the time to speak with an employee... maybe some self help videos... I do have questions from time to time about the app.


Love the Crew app. Allows you to quickly get in touch with co workers and management.


Im a coach and I actually use this for my team. I use it to post practice schedules and any upcoming events that we have. I love it because I dont have to repeat myself and they can reply to me either within the group or privately. I would highly recommend this app to anyone!!! ❤️

Easy App and Good Support

We started using Crew 1/16 after the purchase of our first bar and grill. The picture schedule feature, the ability to communicate with individuals or groups, and the onsite staff tracker have been incredibly useful and easy to use. My questions on functionality or whether we needed the pro version (we dont) were answered quickly via chats with the support and even a phone call from them to go over everything. They werent pushy about upgrading, just helpful. We just bought our second bar and have started using it for that location, as well. It replaced Hotschedules for that location. The schedule function isnt quite as easy as Id like it to be (shifts for 20+ employees is a little cumbersome), so weve decided to use the picture schedule there, as well. And, the picture schedule works, just not as organized and neat as the shift scheduler would if it werent so cumbersome. Id like to eventually see improvements to the shift scheduler, but other than that were completely satisfied with the app and the support, would recommend it to others, and will definitely be using it in all of our new locations.

Great App

We love using Crew for communication on our Baseball team. Now we dont have to worry about 1/2 the team not getting vital information.


Use it for work to talk with the entire department. Works great!


This app has made it very convenient for my crew to communicate. For a retail job, this is priceless!

Way better than group text

Weve tried a bunch of different things to communicate at work, and this one is by far the best. Group texts are a pain because they never stop. Not to mention how hard it is to remove an ex-employee from the text chain. I like being able to organize everyone into sub-groups and mute unnecessary conversations if I need to. Scheduling is great too, I like that it lets me copy old shifts and paste them into the upcoming week. Thanks Crew!!

Excellent app

Works as advertised!! Has worked well in communicating with my employees.

Crew App

The best app Ive ever used. Great for team building and communication. I would highly recommend for sales teams.

Top them all

Greatest app, hands down, for small and big businesses alike to converse with their associates more professionally and easily.

The App Employers Have Been Waiting For

Amazing app. Smooth and intuitive controls. Easy communications with employees, and ability to manage scheduling, workload, and performance reporting all in one place. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Loving the Crew!

Since we started using this app in our store communication among the crew has been so much better and easier! I post the schedule and know everyone got it! I can approve shift changes and ensure everything is going smoothly! I also can easily give info on upcoming events! Needless to say we love this app!!

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