Crew Messaging and Scheduling App Reviews

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Great for the crew

This app makes communication much better and helps make schedule changes easier

Our crews loves Crew

This ap has been a great addition to our service. It allows for easy and quick communication. Very user friendly.

Love this app!

Everything in one place and easy to use! Love love love this app.


I really love this app. We can see everything that we need to know keep it up. Thanks for everything.

Great app for coworkers

This app is a godsend for switching shifts and contacting coworkers.

I fng love this app!

Im a GM at a quick serve restaurant and I have used this for a long time and I am such a huge fan! Never crashes, up-to-date, relevant features, and very professional. I was sent two CREW tshirts in the mail, and I love them. Very appreciative and cool that they sent that to me and so quickly! Hope to use this for the rest of my career! :)


Great app for communication.

Greg but needs work

Great companion tool for keeping your staff connected. Not optimal for sole use though. Too many bugs.

Love it

I have had no problems with it Its worth trying

Great App

Crew has been a great solution for me to communicate with my staff. Not all my team has access to office emails so Crew has been the perfect way to share information and stay communicated.

Great app!

This app makes my job so much simpler!!


This app allows us to communicate with our teams more effectively.

Great app, but...

... there are a good deal of bugs. One of the most aggravating bugs is that the chat scrolls to the bottom every single time someone reads or replies. Why??? I want to be able to catch up on an important conversation while it is still going without having to wait on it to die down.


Bless whoever created this app! I am the Principal of a school and we use it to communicate during the day. I have different groups for each grade band and it gives everyone a way to communicate without sharing your personal number. I posted the school schedule and lunch duty schedule and intervention schedules under the schedule section so people have quick and easy access. What would make this app 10 stars: 1. We don’t work in shifts so the option to select shifts we don’t need. Would love for that to be optional. 2. A documents tab would be nice too! Where we could store documents. 3. When you give a group a todo, there should be an option that gives everyone the opportunity to check it off. Once the first person checks it off its done. Just my suggestions. The app is great nonetheless. Great work.

Great app!

The crew team has successfully created a way to keep track and communicate with your team! I love their desire to keep making the app and how it works better. The crew team has got it going on!

So wonderful!

This app has made it so easy to post schedules, communicate with other co workers, and get shifts covered all in one place. If you havent adapted yet, you should!

Great app

Great app works really well with McDonalds the only thing Id recommend is the updated schedule back to request time off it would make it a whole lot easier

Love it

Its great but wish I could save tasks (without them posted right then too) and each person having to check out. I have weekly & monthly tasks so I would love to save them so I can just hit it when its time. I know this is a new app and will just continue to get even better.

Great app

Really love this app keep it up

So great!!

I absolutely love this app. I am a store manager and my demographic of employees are mostly millennials. This app helps me to meet them where they are (social media) instead of asking them to meet me where I am. The one thing I hope comes with some updates is the use of task. Sometimes I have a task that each person must complete and it would be great to send that out to them all and have each be able to check off instead of going in and individually messaging each of them. Regardless of how it can improve this app has made communicating so much simpler. Thank you!!

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