Crew Messaging and Scheduling Recenzje App

Great job!

My team and I really enjoy the app and utilize all the functions to Get stuff done! Great app for todays fast paced, tech savvy, teams.


Great app thus far. Works better than the walkie talkies we had.

Franchise Salon Manager

I am a franchise salon manager. I manage 2 locations. Having access to this crew App has made things much easier. I love being able to post two different schedules in the app. My teams love this benefit as well. They are able to request off and also see the already approved requests. Anytime I need to make announcements or communicate effectively the App is at my fingertips . I can recognize excellence and build team spirit! Great App!


This app is awesome!! I am a team mom coordinator for our baseball league and it has been great keeping everyone informed!!!

Great App and Even better support

Our club uses this app to communicate meetings, trips, and just general conversation, it works really well for us. When we have had issues, which has been rare, our CREW support is right there to help out.

Wonderful app

My crew and I love this app! It’s easy to get information out and communicate with soldiers!

Really helps bolster immediate and upfront communication

I love this app. I manage a volunteer program where volunteers are on call 24/7, and this app makes everything so seamless. Everyone can communicate with each other without having to have their phone numbers exchanged, people can make direct messages or group messages or even video chat, people can post their schedules and can request shift coverage – and it’s all free. There is a paid option that my nonprofit can’t afford at the moment, but even the free version is amazing and makes my job so much easier. If it was in the budget we would definitely upgrade. Maybe next fiscal year.


I use the app for my football team and we love it!!

Amazing for filmmakers

Simple user interface. Easy way to see all schedules. You can see who saw your messages. Can create group tasks.

Football Coordinator

I assign football games for 40+ football officials and this messaging app is the bomb. Makes my life a lot easier

Love this app!

I 💜 this app! I use it to schedule, manage, and communicate with my teen volunteers and their parents. I love that it can be used as an app or though their website - no excuses to miss things now! And the kids actually respond and use!

Below Zero

Stop contacting my people! This App starts contacting your members and ordering them to download their app and they use your name as the one authorizing it. Get me out!!

Emergency Service

We use this app at our EMS service and it’s been very helpful. We have several people who work other services and often need to switch their shifts. This app allows for easy coverage and shift exchanges. Also it allows our supervisors to let everyone know if there are changes so that one shift doesn’t miss important information. We really appreciate this app.

Awesome App

Great way to communicate with everyone in one spot

Great app!

This app as helped so much with communication and especially me since I go to college and it’s hard to communicate with managers because I’m away for the majority of the week. There’s never a moment of miscommunication because of this app!

Crew is Great

I really enjoy the crew app! Works well for communicating with my team and keeping everyone in the know. Would recommend crew to any manager looking for a fast, efficient way to connect with their troops!


I have recently started using Crew with my team and it’s a great app. We are able to communicate more efficiently and in a timely manner.

Love !

I am a manager of a small oil field company! This is a great way to stay in contact with managers and employees and keep everyone on the same page!!


I know this is an app for work scheduling but I used it to for our freshmen high school baseball team. I was able to post schedules and request drivers- assign and I HATE emails. Great app!!!

Wireless retail

I’ve used many different apps for communicating with my team and Crew is by fare the app that’s most designed for commercial used at its best. The Crew team respond to messages quickly and asks for different ideas on how to better the app.

Cool but fake notification

Cool app, but stop with the fake notification asking for someone to post the schedule. Obviously if we used that feature, it would be posted. I know it’s not posted. Get off my jock.

That trapped feeling you get when stuck in a group text you don’t want to be in but have to be.

Please make a way to comment under each post like you can on a Facebook post or comment. The constant notifications some days are way too annoying when some people get too chatty in a group. I can’t turn this off since it’s needed but not everyone needs to be involved in every comment unless they choose to be and continue on the chat or thread.

A few improvements

Overall I love the app. Here’s a few thoughts: -It would be great for message links to show with an images, like they do in iMessage or Facebook Messenger. Hard to look through multiple links when they’re all just text. -The scheduling feature is great on mobile but confusing to me on the web version. I just want to see a picture of the PDF I posted in the box area for that day. -Personally I find the “gold star” feature distracting and a little degrading. My employees aren’t in elementary school, and they’re not going to be swayed to perform better by the promise of a virtual sticker. Finally, I know this is a bigger ask, but it would be great to see this app support multiple types of jobs. It seems to be very “shift” oriented, but not all work is like that (for example, I work in Film Production, which is based on new freelance hires per job rather than shifts).

Good product but needs more features

Only platform I can find that has chat, calendar, announcements, and file sharing. Wish there were more features for customizing how notifications go out and who can send access certain parts of the app.

Perfect for our Restauraunt and event staff

This app is incredible and my s aft was slightly against change but quickly embraced it and it has made my line of managing over 48 ppl a lot less stressful! The only thing I would change is the ability to add a picture to a task... using it for 6 weeks now and loving it!

Love crew!!!

I absolutely LOVE CREW!!!! It has helped keep my storage down on my phone! It has helped me send out important info out to multiple employees quickly and receive feedback right away! I recommend it for every employer or anyone in management!

Love this app!

This app is awesome! I love it and so does my crew! When I found it I was searching for something just like it, but did not expect to find it. It gives me the opportunity to send open shift announcements, organize gatherings, converse with just management, or have fun with everyone in a controlled environment. I highly recommend it.

Great app for a team

I use this app for my running and team. This app is awesome. I will always use this app to get files, pics, messages out to my team


This is the best app for work.

Great APP

The crew app has been such Great help when comes to communication with my restaurant. It has helped the make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to restaurant goals

The BEST thing that has happened for my team and company!!!

We have been using this app since Sept. 2017 and it has improved the communication for our team in terms I can not describe. We have more cohesive communication, timely shift coverage and team work than ever before. With a simple post your whole team has been informed to pertinent information and “jobs well done”. If you a hesitant about trying this app DON’T BE! Will will change everything for the good. Simple and easy to set up and use!

Really good app so far

We are using this for a local civic group and it seems to work very well so far. We made different groups for each event so that committees can chat easily. Some members have trouble with getting notifications. I think crew is working on that aspect. Otherwise we are pleased so far.

Perfect fit

I am the office manager of a Real Estate firm. Crew allows me to post monthly calendars and communicate important information to all the agents at once. It is exactly what I was looking for! Easy to use and the staff at Crew are extremely helpful and accommodating to all my needs. Love this app.


I use Crew to keep my church people up to date with events and activities. It works great and saves me a lot of time. Thanks

crew rating

the app is great, works like any other text app

Baseball team

I manage a high school baseball team and must communicate with 27 people (players, parents, coaches). This is an efficient, easy-to-use app that allows both large group and small group interaction.

Best app for managers!

I manage a hair salon and we use Crew. I have been so impressed. I love that it feels like my work life is separate from personal life. It’s quick and easy to send a message to an employee, without having to text them from my personal phone number. The announcement features is great- I can quickly let my staff know about anything. Time off requests from the app make it so easy to see everything all in one page. The support on Crew is PHENOMENAL. They are always asking if we think the app needs any changes and have amazing response time. I wish they would add a poll option to get votes from everyone easily! All in all, I would recommend Crew to any business owner out there!

Crew app

Best app ever makes my job easy

This app is 💯💯💯

I run multiple business and this app allows me to communicate better with my teams. It’s a huge time saver for me. Very happy with their continuous support and constantly having new updates with upgraded features. Sky Sunner @TheBloodyCure @LeonTequila @WeDeliverLiquor

Fire department Crew

Was the easiest way to contact all 23 of my firefighters in one text. Plus they see all of the conversations at the same time. Nobody gets left out.

Amazing App

I use Crew to manage all communication with 61 members of the soccer team. Members are able to receive flawless data, schedules for practice and games. One of the best features is the ability to reward players for efforts, performance, and their achievements. This app is a "must have".

Great features!

My team and I moved from GroupMe to Crew a couple months ago. We absolutely love it! My personal favorite feature is “Announcements.” It’s great to be able to announce pertinent information in “Announcements” instead of “Chats.” Files also allows you to upload important documents your team may need to reference. And Crew Support is awesome! Simply message them in the app and they answer. Can’t imagine why anyone would use GroupMe or Whats App after using this great app!

Awesome app!

I really like everything about Crew. I run a 55,000 sq foot Family Entertainment Center with 30+ employees .... it makes communication so much easier in the millennial world!


We have just started using it. Easy way for everyone to be informed. Great support for the app.

Great app

Im a general manager at my location and this is a great app the shift coverage option request off option task option and schedule postings are all very useful as well as the chat without phone numbers!

Church Ministry

Crew has been a great tool to help schedule our church ministry and keep everyone informed.

Love this app

We use this app for my job and I love how I can mute the conversations to the time that I’m awake and how I can send messages to individuals as well as a group. Works great just wish my SM knew how to remove people that have left the group

This App Is Amazing!!

We use the Crew app for our fire department. It works perfectly all the time! So easy to use. Multiple ways to use it. Love that we can share pictures and videos as well. Love the microphone too. 🔥👩‍🚒👨🏻‍🚒 Fire Department Approved!

Great way to connect a large group

I’ve been using the Crew app for over a month now to stay connected with my Team of 26 GMs and 4 District Managers. It’s been a fantastic way to keep everyone up to date and in the know. People now days reply quicker to instant messaging so this has been an AMAZING tool to use when I’m communicating something that needs a quick reply. I HIGHLY suggest this app. There was a big issue I had with a feature on the app but a Live support person replied via text to help me solve my problem. Nice touch!

Makes Communication Between Employees Quick and Easy

I love this app! It lets managers post important announcements or find coverage for shifts super quick and easy! Gone are the days of calling/texting employees one by one. Also gone are the days of the excuse “I wasn’t here to get that announcement, check the upcoming schedule, etc.” Employees can find others to cover their shifts or have one on one text, voice, or video chats with each other and management! Schedules can be posted quickly and easily. The only downside I see is this app really isn’t for companies with a large workforce. If you are a manager for a small to medium sized company then you should give this a shot!

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