Crew Messaging and Scheduling App Recensioni

Very pleased!

We are an organization of approximately 35 football officials. With Crew, I can send a mass text msg or individual msgs. If I need to send to just a small group, I can also do that as well. I’m still learning how to utilize the app, but what I’m really pleased with is that it assists me in better using my personal time.


I’ve been using this app since 09/2016 and I really don’t know why I haven’t given a review (btw this is my first one ever), but let me tell you how much I LOVE IT!!! It’s well organized and I’m able to download the work schedule for all my techs and everyone can communicate with this app. I can assign tasks, request coverage for any shift and keep everyone informed about everything in the department. Thank you for having this available for others to use. Strong 💪 work ⭐️

Bakery manager

I use this app to manage 25 people in a busy bakery. Information is always changing and this app is awesome to get it out to everyone without having a boring meeting! We love crew and all its features!

Great way to stay in contact with staff

We implemented Crew to keep Our nurses and CNA’s informed of scheduling, shift changes, swapping shifts, and it has turned into a place where our clinical team can communicate and boost our culture. It has been great.

Very Helpful

I am a shift manager and this is an amazing app to quickly and efficiently communicate with everyone on staff. My favorite parts are that I can see when someone has read the messages/been active in the app, so that eliminates the whole “I didn’t know” excuse, and we can post schedules as far out as we like. I wish that as an admin I had the ability to disable the “find coverage” feature as our company has a very specific policy for finding coverage and approving through the app means nothing to the schedule.

Very useful

I have a small business of about 12 employees. Texting used to be our form of communication, until I met Crew. Having work items separate from personal is very helpful. I no longer have to search through long text threads to find information. I love being able to send info along to everyone on the team seamlessly with this app!!


Update to my previous rating- I had to manually change the app notifications in my iPhone settings. It works great now, however, it would be nice to know that was necessary. It would have avoided much frustration. -earlier rating”I like the app either the exception of the notification process. I don’t get ANY. If I don’t open the app I don’t know I received a notification. 😕 a friend (google pay user) said hers was a notification on her lock screen. Sadly, not even those on my Apple product. Would love an update to fix that.”

This is the app every business owner needs!

I could go on forever about how much I love this app! I use it for 3 businesses and it has saved me a ton of time and money! Thanks crew app for also always adding cool features I didn’t even know I needed until I had them available!!!

Bernina quilt store SewOriginal

With many part time employees CREW is great for both scheduling and most importantly communications. We have different groups that we communicate with. For example “ the morning huddle “ tells everyone what needs to be done today. The Daily total sends everyone our sales results and other vital daily info as we close. Then we have groups for major product lines. Anything we communicate there is always there for employees to reference by looking at their phone. Crew is great


Love love love this app!

So many uses

I first started using Crew with work and they took to it so well. Now I’m incorporating it in my school group project work and the file exchange system is amazing. Great work on the application.

Great APP

The crew app has been such Great help when comes to communication with my restaurant. It has helped the make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to restaurant goals. And crew love the shedule features like request time off.


I love Crew! I have about 30 employees and it makes passing instructions, tasks, schedules, and much more easy and fast. Everytime I need to get a shift covered I post a shift on Crew and have it covered in minutes. No more calling around, or relaying messages to half your team. It’s free and easy to use!


This app has been ideal for my team to know there schedule. They have all enjoyed being able to talk to each other in there this app has been great.

Easy and functional

Got this app for my business that is always growing. Didn’t want to add people to group chats via text so this made the most sense. I love that there are different emotions you can respond with in a message (similar to Facebook like button but more options). All files are stored in one location for members to access. You can see who has seen the messages you sent which is nice and you can also see who has snoozed the app in the chance that you need to contact that person directly. Recommend for groups that want to communicate in a more functional environment than a group chat or Facebook

Great App

This helps me and my manager inform my staff members of new schedules, daily specials, shift changes and private messaging. It’s very helpful and I look forward to all their updates

WVPST instructor

This is been an awesome app for me as well as a much-needed time saver and communication system. I have used it now for multiple classes and when I have different classes going on at the same time it has been easy to keep things separate and also communicate with all of my students if need be at the same time what an awesome app I love it. Plus one of my favorite things about it is that, I don’t have to share cell phone numbers of my students with other students they can all communicate together on here without sharing personal information. I love this app

Best one I’ve found!

This app is by far the best to manage my schedules. I have 24-hr schedules at four different locations and this is the only app I have found to help me keep it straight. The customer service and responsiveness to needs is the best bonus of all!


This app makes it incredibly easy to stay in touch with employees when I am out of the office.

Our fireman love it

Wel use it for scheduling as well as communication among secretary treasurer officers and we can see when they receive lot simpler than group text the application is amazing

Very nice app!

Good for communication and all things team building 👍🏽👍🏽

Performs as advertised

Effective and simple messaging app keeps us all on the same page

Awesome communication tool!

I manage a licensed food service business inside a box retailer and this is a great means of communication. We don’t have the payroll for store meetings so this is the easiest way to send out information and know the team has reviewed it. It also makes it easy to fill shifts when needed. Thanks for making an app that’s easy to use and makes managing a business a little less challenging!


Great way for communicating on the go, the community converges via intel.

Amazing app

If your looking to bring your team at work, The Crew app is the app to download. It gives you plenty of options to work with.


This app is great! Easy to switch between and create multiple locations for each store! Quick and simple schedule posting, shift covering, and task creation for employees. Crew really brings my employees together, whether it be group conversations or covering and changing shifts. This app has made my job and all of my managers jobs, when it comes to scheduling and covering shifts, a whole lot easier.

Excellent App!

This app allows the connection with all members without a mass text. You even know when they read it!!

The best

I love this app. It is an awesome way to communicate with your team. Whether it’s to give instructions or to congratulate a job well done or to goof off. My team can see their schedule on the go. With this app we don’t use texting via phone numbers, we use the group chat. You will not be disappointed with this app. Thank you Crew.

Admin of a Team of Ladies

This app has been beyond helpful for our team!! It makes communication and scheduling events/meetings/etc so much easier than group email or text. It’s also user-friendly which is helpful for everyone! We are so glad to have discovered this app and we’d recommend it to any team!


This app tends to have a lot of glitches in it. Don’t like it but forced to use it.


I just love this app. Before this app had many challenges getting information to all employees about plans needed for the days events and staffing. Thank you so much for this very awesome app!!! Go Team Crew!!!!

General manager

Crew has helped me stay in touch with my staff here at the’s a great tool and I like the flexibility...I can send out group announcements as well as communication one on one....thanks!!’

Perfect tool for encouraging your crew to be a team

This app is not only useful, but so much fun for our team. They love chatting back and forth on the “everyone” chat and the new GIFs available in chat have been a huge hit. I use the chat to share guest comments, mystery shop, and service goal results with everyone. We have a separate chat for management for sharing important issues. We use the scheduling feature as a “request off” book and post a photo of our schedules weekly. I can’t tell you how much time the request time off feature has saved us. We no longer have to buy a calendar once a year and sort through the maze of bad handwriting to figure out what people are available to work! This app has now replaced the need for monthly crew meetings which any operator knows gets very expensive. Love it!


I love the Crew app. It’s so helpful and easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone with a small business or owns a fast food/restaurant.

Business Owner

I’ve used Crew for about 3 months now and my team love it! This app alleviates the headache of group text messages and keeps everything organized. This app is truly an amazing and useful communication channel.


Absolutely utterly great app....Not a day goes by that I do not use it more than 12 times… Does exactly what it supposed to do. 10

Summer Camp Crew

We use Crew for our Summer Camp Staff, it’s a great way to stay in touch about things throughout the day, as well as a great way to communicate with everyone without getting group texts all jumbled in with personal texts. We have really liked Crew so far this summer!

Sports teams

I use this app to communicate with various teams within the program it’s flat amazing. Its easy and just great to use

Excellent way to keep up with each other

We use this app as an alternative to texting. With 14 people on staff, texts were driving everyone crazy. This is a good way to manage communication. Shift changes and getting coverage is much easier this way too!

Great all-in-one tool for managing a store

As a manager for a small gift shop, I have really appreciated and come to rely heavily on Crew. The messaging, scheduling, and task management features have allowed me to consolidate what had been several different paper-based tasks into something that is real-time, interactive, and extremely useful for our little store. This is a great app/service!

Great APP

Great APP...very good layout

Best App ever for work

I absolutely love this app! Makes communication at work so much easier!!! Text messages can split and be confusing. This has been a life saver!!! I have enjoyed this app because you can see who sees your messages. Post important messages quickly to everyone!!!

Great tool!

We use this app for a Spa and it is great for coordinating schedules and sending notifications! Thanks Crew for making my life easier.

Love It

This app beats Group Me! It is easy and fun to use. What a great tool for managing teams. Thanks!


This is the best app to keep all my employees on the same page. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Very helpful

We have been using crew for around 3 months now. Very helpful when you need to get a message out to your team. We use it everyday. We mostly use it for team messages. Great app 👍🏽

Great app!!

I run a coffee shop and this app is so helpful for all of us. I use it to send my whole crew important notices, I use it with my managers to discuss issues, and my employees can message each other to swap shifts. We also use it at the franchise level. This keeps all of my work communications in one place, instead of having to look through multiple channels. All in all, it’s a great app.

Pulmonary Department EXCELLENT!

Great App!! Still learning some of the possibilities but we are enjoying everything so far!! No “bad” things as of yet.

Police Lieutenant

Our Dept uses crew to keep everyone informed of things going on in our city . Love this app

Lead Radiologic Technologist

Our department loves this App. Can contact everyone at the same time. Great for schedule changes or sick calls ! Thank you CREW:)!!!

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