Crew Messaging and Scheduling App revisa

Crew for the win

Great way to communicate with the entire crew. Post schedules, meetings and reminders of upcoming events.

Automotive Service/Auto Sales

I own an automotive repair shop as well as an auto sales and the main issue we have always had was communication. That was the main reason I looked into Crew, thankfully I did. Sending texts messages or using radios never worked out due to someone being with a customer (so we couldn’t interrupt) or on the phone and so forth. Now that we have our Tasks/checklist which is awesome btw, we can easily check off the things that are finished and easily add things as needed while keeping everyone on the same page so that is no longer an issue. I like how you can create certain groups that helps since the mechanics aren’t getting messages that are unrelated to them vice versa. I really haven’t used all of the features but so far I have to give Crew 5 stars for meeting mine and my employees needs and expectations. Thanks Crew!

Love love love it

Love this app. It is super easy to use and great to keep all employees up to date

Crew makes my job easier!

For several years I struggled with trying to send out the weekly schedule. Until I found Crew that is! This one app alone has taken the stress out of making schedules. All I do is take a pic and upload. That’s it! Crew does the rest! We range from 6-10 employees so we don’t really use much of the app but the parts that we do use are definitely 5 star service. Thanks Crew and keep up the good work! If you haven’t tried Crew yet, you should. You’ve got nothing to lose but your stress level!


So far, so good! Very responsive to questions through messenger and very friendly. We’re about a month in and all is going well.

Great app

I have a small retail team and this app is perfect for posting schedules and keeping everyone in the loop. I like it because I don’t have group texts blowing up my phone but an app that I can turn notifications off when I’m not working. My team likes it a lot too.

Answered Prayer!

This has been our answer to communicating with everybody in one place across devices. Android gets to do the great group text but apple doesn’t get them and they don’t shake hands well. This is been a great spot for us to communicate.

Samsung Engineering Team

Thanks to the best mass communication app I can easily and quickly notify our team of 60 about upcoming changes to our work schedule. It's especially helpful during inclement weather days. I'm not sure how I used to do it before Crew came into my life!!! Thank you Crew!!!!!


This app is fantastic! I’ve moved to multiple different stores with my job, and have gotten all of them to switch to the Crew app because it’s perfect! Anything work related you can do through the app which simplifies things a lot!


Very great app , so useful when I want to communicate with my co workers they also have a thing where you can ask someone to cover your shift

Threading messages

Organization of the “Everyone” chat would be greatly improved if there was the ability to reply to specific messages and thread conversations.

The best scheduling app!!!

Working in a big grocery store with so many employees this app helps us trade or give away shift to anyone in need of them...


Love this app! Very helpful in getting all of my coworkers together on one message! Very easy to setup and use!

Too good to be true.

Simply said I’ve been super pleased with the app. It’s well constructed and easy to use. I use it to wrangle 13 college interns for videography services and I didn’t have to explain anything to them to start using the app. It’s intuitive. On top of that it’s so convenient to have scheduling and communication for all my interns in one place. I can’t say enough good things about Crew.


Great app, always convenient.

Only deemed important bugs

The iPhone day assignment without time bug is real just not important enough to fix. ☹️


I’ve reported a bug and never received a t-shirt

Excellent app

Excellent app to be use for your sale force.

Great communication App

I was struggling to try and find something that I could easily communicate with staff. Group messaging through text wasn’t working. After starting to use this App I have been able to easily communicate with staff. No more hassle of trying to make sure all my staff are in the group message! Makes my life much easier!

Incredible App

Crew app is as advertised 100% Awesome!!! I run my business as well as communicate with my clients through Crew. Scheduling meetings, having direct contact with whom I want, receive messages, solve issues in an instant, I can go on and on abut the use of Crew. Very few Developers get it right but the Crew nailed it. TheSystem Baseball Kinetics

Amazing App

Our gym switched to this app and it has been fantastic! Very easy to use, notifications really help to know that there is a request or news. The ability to request a sub is phenomenal! Nothing but greatness with this app!!!! Give it a shot🙌🏻

Crew App

It’s great love it


Wish I would have known about this app sooner! Makes everything easier and more seamless for me and my Team!

Best app ever!!

Best app to keep up with everyone at work!! It works great!

Best ever

Where has this app been - I can finally have a group communication chat with everyone instead of having to message people on FB messenger and texting separately. 😍

Good App

I like the app. Just need a function to demote managers or remove managers when people leave or quit. Making a new group all the time is a bit of a hassle. Also, the subgroup creation is a little confusing, but the functionality is great. Just need to be patient with the crew support for all the beginners using this app.

Great for any team!

Great app, and better than using Facebook messenger or any other app! So many features, even for the free version. Would recommend to any sales team or workplace team in general!

Best texting app

Great way to communicate and getting in touch with your “Crew” members. I use it everyday with my peers that work with and it’s great.


Great Ap for dismissal at school!

Great app for work

This app has been great for me and my constituents. We have been able to talk to one another, schedule trainings, and ask for help when needed. I love this app and couldn’t imagine using something else. It also gives anyone in a group the chance to private message another without issue. I love it!!


This is the BEST way to communicate with my staff. I post schedules, updates, everything! It’s so easy, doesn’t take up any room on my phone and is extremely easy to navigate! I LOVE CREW!


THIS IS THE APP YOU NEED TO ENSURE ALIGNMENT AND FLOW THROUGH OUT THE TEAM. It improves the communication and no misinterpretations. Schedule posting and reactions to comments. Keeps a team together, for sure!

Awesome app!!

I oversee 15 staff that are at 3 different locations. I don’t always get to see everyone so this is great for communicating with the team. Gone are the days of people needed someone cell phone number, not being able to find coverage or knowing the schedule. Even better is we are non profit so having it be free is amazing!

Soccer club

Perfect for communication among various groups within our soccer club!!!

Extremely efficient and effective

This app is the “GO TO” for effective and efficient Communication amongst organizations, teams and employees. Much faster updating and communicating without the lag and drag or constant server is down issues that come with group me and WhatsApp

Made my life easier!

I’m so happy to have discovered this app and my employees seem to like it as well. It’s simple to set up and use.

Option to delete one on one/two person conversations

Please implement this feature, besides this, the app is fine.


This has been great for the business. Everyone has liked being able to meet and talk with each other. We post schedules and they let me know of conflicts. LOL. Super easy and has been great to have to keep everyone involved and updated.

It works

I enjoy being able to talk to my whole team at once!

I love 💕 this app !

I use it for my staff ! I’m a director of not one but two preschools and this keeps them all in the know . I don’t have to spend hours texting one @ a time because I don’t like group text. Let me I think when you group text it’s not personal. This app gives you a choice to do both . I can send out schedules, a news bulletin and or a funny joke . Personal I can message or have a one on one conversation and it’s all on one app to keep control. One click and I’m in full control! 😍💕👍🏽

So easy

It’s so easy to communicate with everyone. Love the easy of use. The schedule upload is simple and quick.

Game Changer

Really enjoy using this app to communicate with our staff of 35-40 people in a restaurant. It makes sharing training tools a breeze and communication is easy between everyone now. I no longer have to give my phone number to people!

No tone

Can’t nobody hear the dam tone

Good App

Great use for small or large shifts to keep everyone informed.

Love it

This app is simple to use and love that I can keep my team updated all at the same time. The only thing is ha omg the schedules to automatically upload in crew will not work for me. So I have to take a picture and upload it into crew. By far AWESOME APP!!!

A Car Dealership Uses Crew

I am a Sales Manager at a car dealership and I was looking for an app that we could all use to better communicate. We have a separate Mangers & Sales forum that we use to relay information, and now the language is put it on “Crew”. It’s a faster and more efficient way to get information to the masses.


We use it everyday! Help us to communicate all our crew! Great app

Great with teenager crew

This app worked very well with my crew of 12 teenagers. We are a small group and only have two people working at a time. We were never together for trainings other than the initial one when first hired. The Crew app allowed me to send info to all my staff at once quickly and efficiently. It was helpful when staff needed to switch shifts because I saw all of the changes as they happened.

So far so good

We moved from Facebook groups to Crew for staff communication, and so far it’s working pretty well. I think we’ll be able to get quite a bit more use out of the features as we delve in more too.

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