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Great app Been waiting a long time for something like this

Crew app

Crew app has really helped with keeping everyone in touch and not having to worry about making sure everyone is in a group message. Love it

Love it!

We use this for my kids sports team, absolutely love it! Helps you keep in Touch with everyone. Definitely recommending it

Great app

Really great app. U can post schedules,ask for help covering shifts.put messages for other coworkers


Great communication app for my restaurant it allows me to reach individuals or groups of people I have my restaurant separated into 4 categories - managers, front of house, back of house, whole restaurant. Love this app


It's been great having my whole team in one place and being able to communicate between everyone at once.

Great app for managers

This app makes it easy to schedule meetings and assign tasks. The calendar use is my favorite part of the app. You can see who viewed your invite and who accepted it for a meeting or an event. Again, great app

Love this app!!!

Love this app! I do armed security and this app helps allowing us to make a weekly schedule as well as staying in touch with the other guards I recommend this app for anyone who Manages or owns a company and wants to stay in touch with what’s going on with everyone

We love crew

I work at a daycare and we have quit a few employees and crew makes it so easy for all of us to communicate and help each other remember up coming events I really enjoy this app and give it two big thumbs up!!!


We love crew it helps us stay connected and improves efficiency as we serve our community.

Very Pleased

Love the app it’s great for keeping my team of 30+ workers informed. Easy to add or drop employees on the app. Only wish they had a link area where I could put important links for crew members to find

The best app for work.

This app makes work easy, and even fun. It gets you closer with your employees, and better yet you don’t have to drive in every day just to check when you are working. Thanks Crew!!!

Perfect for anybody trying to manage volunteer groups too!

We are managing hundreds of volunteers around a 24/7 schedule using Crew, and it’s replaced all e-mails, txt messages, calendar invites and document libraries. Not perfect, but constantly being improved, and by far the best app amongst it peers.

Very Helpful App

I don’t have to worry about not sending the schedule out to everyone!

great app

this app is a great tool for communicating with all your stuff.....makes it easier and less stressful

Best app

Great way to stay informed on what's going on with our team!


Managing a team of 15+ can be challenging when people have android phones and iPhones and I send out a mass text. Many don’t receive it, some do not like the texts, and others just pretend they never seen the message. With this app, I know who has seen it, if they want, they can adjust their notifications, we put up shifts that others can quickly see, and I even have a separate area for my leadership team. We can easily send pics, videos, voice recordings, and celebrate with super cool reactions. Crew support it awesome too! They are not automated lol they are legit people. Thank you for a fast and easy app.

Love this app!

Literally organized my chaos overnight! Easily get in touch with employees all at once for shift coverage and reminders! I love it!

My staff loves this app!

I'm a pharmacy manager of a chain pharmacy in Texas and have 22 employees that report to me. I was having a hard time getting everyone onboard with new procedures and when learning modules were due with so many people. There was just not enough time in the day, plus I didn't always see everyone each day. Crew was the answer! I started assigning task to complete. I can see when it was viewed and complete. I didn't have to get everyone to share their personal numbers. Once we got all the staff signed up the messages started flowing. They were reminding each other of problems and giving kudos to each other. They told me themselves they love having the app available. The support from the crew developers is great too. You can ask them questions right from the app and they answer. Thanks Crew for making my life a bit easier!

Wrestling Team

We use this for communication between coaches, wrestlers and family. This is a great app. It would be beneficial for Real Estate teams, any type of employer. I’m really impressed with it.

Great app

I pay for the subscription and use it to keep my team of 60+ coworkers on the same page. We are more efficient and are able to better care For our customers. The only thing I would add is the ability to upload different documents to share with my team. Keep up the great app!


crew makes it easy to communicate and schedule all in one place. Very aesthetically pleasing. They are always looking for ways to improve too so it keeps getting on better. I would highly recommend to all business small and large.

Great App

I had problems texting more than 10 people it so via message or regular texting. This solved my problem! Works great!


Awesome App as always. Keep up the good work :)

Crew is awesome!

Crew is a great way to keep co workers and all employees in the know.

Awesome sauce !

I manage the worlds biggest baddest insurance company. I use CREW to communicate with my direct team and we love it. Great job creating this !

My Church Choir is my Crew

My Choir and I find Crew very helpful in scheduling rehearsals, announcing what music to bring, informing members of last minute changes, etc. We love Crew and are happy to sing it’s praises.

Great app for restaurant crew!

We stay up to date with instant notifications, scheduling updates, open shifts, announcements and more! Our team loves this app!

Great app

Very good idea Very effective Easy to use 100% RBI approved

Perfect for our Party Character Company

This works perfectly for our costumed character company! We post a party and whichever performers are available for it can request it. Then I can let the potential customer know I do have someone available for their party so they can go ahead and book! We couldn't do business without this app! We also love the messaging feature, but the calendar/scheduling side is the BEST.

Weight Watchers Crew team

Crew and my weight watchers team is the only social media site I use. It’s the best. The others are just “BS”....

Was great until today..

Crew has been a fantastic app for me and my coworkers, but today, i wasn't aware i had a shift, and usually Crew sends me a notification hours before my shift as a heads up, but today, i didn't receive one and didn't show up to work because of it.

Supervising Partner

Awesome app!

Great experience.

I am a part of a team that used this app to stay in touch while working. Crew had been an invaluable tool for the team to keep each other updating with ongoing situations pertaining to our job. I like the option for private chat, and to input a daily schedule as well. Well worth the time.

Great App for work crews

I applaud the designer for this app! It helps build moral at work and keeps everyone in contact with out giving the co workers phone numbers out. Thanks for such a great app! No problems with the app currently that I can see. They sent me a shirt as an appreciation for using their app! 100% Two Thumbs Up for me 👍🏻👍🏻

Excellent communication app

Everything you want in an app designed to keep teams informed over different protocols. Only one thing missing, the “get attention” feature. Unless I missed it, there’s no way to alert a single member to an announcement made in a common area. Other than that, all features are seamless and easy to use!

Crew app

I just send it bro

Love This App

This app has made communication so much easier and streamlined for my team. I manage a movie theater. Getting shifts switched or covered has never been easier!


My team and I use Crew for keeping in touch during and after work. A great way to get quick questions answered, responses, changes to scheduling, etc.

Teri Pratt

Great app for getting after hours announcements to staff. We have staff at three locations. Crew has helped us interact and build a team.

Great crew

I love this app. It has made things so much easier when communicating with other staff members. I can’t even tell you how many members we have that use it. I can say we all use it on a daily basis. Great communication app in the simplest form. I give it 5 stars but would like to be able to delete old messages that are over a month back. Honestly it may have a way to do it but I have not searched the mechanics. 👍


I simply love this app when schedule pops up or when is need for help in the store.

Awesome app

Awesome app with great customer service. Has so many features and it never glitches. Highly recommend


I am the Vice President of a statewide peace officers association in Texas. We have recently begun using Crew as a communication tool tool for our organization and it has worked out great. I can’t say enough about what a game changer this app is!

Perfect for work!

I love this app! We use it for work, and I think it helps all of us keep in contact with whatever is going on!


Highly recommend!

Great App

I love using this app for work. It makes it easy to get information out, get shifts covered, and puts everything into one place.

Kaizoku And Crew

This crew is an essential part of my world peace organization. We use it to update rank levels of each of our 134 members! I love this app!

Crews the best

Great app for communicating with co worker


Best way to get in touch with your job

I love this app

Easy app to manage!

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