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Great app Been waiting a long time for something like this

Love it!

I love this app! I own a Pastry Shoppe and this app has been a savior since day one! It perfect for my team and I and let’s us communicate easily while we are on the job or at home! Love that I don’t have to message everyone individually and everyone can see what is being said! Even if you don’t get Pro we are still using the free version and it’s just as helpful.. defiantly would recommend to any business owner!!!


Just as advertised!!! Able to communicate with 20+employees. Post Weekly schedule and much much more.

Perfect Scheduling and Messaging app for any Manager!

Crew has been my go to scheduling and messaging app for over a year now. It’s super easy to screenshot my schedule and post it to all employees. Messaging is a snap! You can create multiple groups for different departments or projects. Super-easy to set up as an admin and for the employees!

it's great

it has its ups and down but it work very well.

Great app!

I use this app for our organization’s freelance artistry and photography team. It makes it so easy to invite new members and keep in constant communication with one another at our convenience versus through a group text message. This app is user friendly and I like you can create sub-groups, separate chats for particular projects that involve specific members, and a team file board where members can reference our vision board, policy agreements, etc. This is exactly what I was looking for so thumbs up to Crew! I love your app!

Massage therapist

Crew is a great way to communicate with your staff. From group messages to individual messages, Crew is easy to use.

Love it!

I really enjoy using this app to communicate with co workers. And to also share schedules and let them know of certain things that need to be done. I don’t have to wait to see them in person I can just let everyone know at once and I can see once they’ve seen it so I know they know. Lol. Awesome app!


Improved since the last version and very helpful for our team!! Thank you! - Coach

Pretty Fantastic

This app is easy to use and pretty powerful when it comes to managing a team. I manage a team of 16 and it has been perfect for communicating and scheduling. The only thing I wish this app had was a full detailed calendar layout, similar to something like google calendar when viewing it by month. Other than that it has been amazing and I can not wait to see what comes next for this app.

Great App for Sports Teams

So many so called “sports” apps failed me, so I kept looking and there was Crew! It has worked GREAT for my HS Vball program. I can message all our teams as a group, by team or individually in a safe environment. Great Job! 5 Stars!

Good app

Good app for getting info to your crews. I work in construction and my crews are very spread out working in many different areas Crew helps me get info to them fast such as weather alerts, safety issues, or logistical issues etc.

Love Crew!

I love this app. My only suggestion would be to be able to search keywords in the messages. Nevertheless, it has been very helpful for our office staff. We are able to communicate as a whole and in specific groups. The scheduling feature is very useful. Because of Team Files, multiple chats, and other features, Crew is becoming the central hub for all admin related communication. I always recommend it to others.


Love it!!

Love this app!

This app has been a huge bonus for letting us communicate in one spot with all of our employees! Highly recommend it!


My coworkers and I were using another app that was shutting down and I came across this app and we love it so helpful to get information to everyone and so easy to get people added.

Fire Police and EMS

This app is a must. Stay in touch with your team. See who has read as well as scheduling events. Create shifts or groups. Great app.

Team RPV/SportClips

We’re a smaller group of 10. I love that I can easily add and delete employees. Crew makes scheduling and posting shift changes so easy. My suggestion would be to make deleting and editing previous posts easier for the administrators. You have to delete, and then repost to change dates on the schedule or times already posted. It would be better if I could “edit” easier . The main screen is a tad confusing for some employees. I have to show some of them how to find and read posts. I would love to be able to clean up the main screen of old posts by deleting or a screen easier to read? I also would love to be able to forward emails I receive to Crew. (I have to screen shot) THANK YOU CREW for making my life a little easier and worry-free. I know who has read any info I send, and who hasn’t! My Team likes having our own app specifically for work. It does cover all my needs. Awesome app Crew!! 😊 Cheryl Outlaw~Manager~SportClips of Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca.

Easy to use! Very helpful!

I use the free version of this app. It’s been super helpful with scheduling and it’s made getting in contact with my mostly teenage staff much easier. These crazy kids and their apps!

Melissa Ramey

This app is awesome seriously the best app to stay connected with co-workers! I highly recommend it! I use it everyday n still love it!

Best Staff Communication App

I own a business with 50+ people on staff. Crew has been amazing in comparison to the other apps we have tried. 1/10 of the price of FB Workplace with great functionality, easy ways to get shifts covered, etc. Worth the investment at 2x he price. Love it!

Manager of a franchise

This app is great for communicating not only between management but the entire staff as well. Not to mention the ability to post schedules, announcements, and shift coverage is smooth and easy. This app is not only great for business i have noticed that it boosts team moral.

Great Communication App

Great app that we mainly use to notify our first responders if there’s an emergency in our office. Honestly we need to explore all the other options/features that are offered!

Amazing app

We have been using this app to communicate on our mills rescue team and it’s help so much with communication. Where in the past we had 10 different group messages going this allows us to get the message out to everyone with just one message. I highly recommend this app

Love the crew!

In a nutshell, I simply love Crew.! I use it every day for my girls golf team.

Excellent Appt

I love it. My co-workers love it to. User friendly, easy to use and quick set up in your phone.

This app is excellent/ amazing

I love this app...✌🏼😍👍🏼

Awesome program, when it works

Awesome program for our companies communication however does not work without app. Been mentioning this for several weeks with no follow

Awesome Work App!!!!

This makes managing a team so easy and fun! I used another app before this one and am so glad I switched!


Please stop texting me from Samuel 1-501-803-6031 They say they are from the Crew App

Attention Developers/ No Privacy

This app. Is crap or the people who run the website are very DISRESPECTFUL I should say 👎🏼 They actually went against everything I once believed in !! I actually deleted it and was then contacted by some women via text message to ask me if I needed help with it OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS Jenny whoever you are You blew it majorly 👎🏼👎🏼 and you will be reported to the better business or whoever I need to contact to report you !! Is anything “Private” anymore ?!? Attention Developers

Great Communication APP

Our group has been using this APP for only a short period. Very easy to use to communicate with employees on site and/or off site. We are only using a fraction of what this app has to offer. Love it so far!

Crew app

Amazing app

Assistant Manager/ECommerce

In my area of work, things change quickly. We have meetings but I was not able to keep all my associates updated on every change in a timely manner. Also it was difficult for me to openly reward a good job done. With crew I can update them as soon as I’m made aware of changes and even ward them with gold stars for all of their peers to see.

Communication - Check!

Love the app! Using it in multiple venues! For long term team communication strategy, travel reams, and project based team communications!


We absolutely love the crew app. Helps our small business stay organized with staff rules schedules etc. highly recommend it

Real helpful

It’s a very helpful app to share a schedule, make groups and talk work subjects accordingly to thus groups. With the advantages of seeing when the message has been seen.

Great app!

This is a really great app if you want organization with your business you can do so much with it!

Five stars

Love the Crew app! Super easy to use, intuitive, and everyone on my “crew” picked up on it right away.

It’s been great

It’s worked well for us. I love the function where I can schedule an event or shift and my employees can request to work it.

Good app

CREW really needs to make the app more iPhone friendly. Make the app for notification changes to what we want and what we can hear


We love using Crew! It’s a quick secure way to ensure great communication to team members information quickly. I highly recommend it!

Volleyball Coach

I use this app to communicate with my team, send pics, notify them of the game schedule, as well as schedule them to work our lines, concessions, and fundraisers. It is so nice to have everything for my team all in one place!

Made My Life Easier

OMG WHAT A GREAT APP i was definitely looking for something other than basic text messages & GroupMe i love the fact that i can see who all views the messages

A lot going on

I really like the process for adding folks to the Crew group. However, the main reason for using this app was that an event could be scheduled and would automatically remind at the appointed time. It doesn’t do that. I still have to post my event every week if I want to remind the group. That’s why I am only giving four stars. Also, The layout is rather busy.


Crew app is a great communication tool for keeping large groups of people on the same page. It’s perfect for making group announcements and updates within our business. One of my favorite features of crew app is that you can share files so anyone in the group has access to important paperwork, job drawings, etc.

Rivers of Life School Ministry Staff

We’re thoroughly enjoying The Crew App! It’s user friendly which make it easy to navigate! We have 17 ministry team members and I needed access to them in place at one time. My iPhone would only allow 10 people in a group text. I’m so happy that the visionary of this app created this space for The Whole Crew! Many Thanks! Tracey🌟

District Manager

I absolutely love this app. I use it in a couple of my stores and it’s great for my Managers and their staff to stay connected. From scheduling to covering shifts and I love using it to announce anything new or just to point out a great job they have been doing; I can get everyone’s attention. This app makes this District Manager very happy!!

The best by far!!!


Works great

We have 20 people on our team and the app works great!! It was easy for everyone to install and does it exactly as advertised!!

Great App

I love this app so much!!! It makes scheduling so easy and it is very user friendly! I highly recommend this app!!

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